Clean Mailbox

Email filtering gateway as a Service
Remove malwares, spam and
phishing from your mailbox

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Compatible with all SMTP solutions (self-hosted or managed by third-party)

No matter if you have your own SMTP server (Postfix, Sendmail, Exchange, etc.),
or if you use hosted SMTP service like G Suite (Google), Outlook365 (Microsoft), OVH, Gandi, 1&1...
our solution is compatible with all SMTP servers and can protect all your incoming emails.

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Virus, trojan, ransomware, no more worry about files received by email thanks to our cloud-based signatures.

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No more unwanted emails, you can filter spam, mass-mailings... Real-time updates & detections.


Your users will be safe, emails containing phishing links will be blocked (we compare email design with well-known websites).

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You'll be able to choose the files you allow/deny by format (for example, reject emails with EXE attachments).

Mail Sender Authentication

No or failure of SPF, DKIM, DMARC: you decide which rules to apply to senders.

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Automatically ask senders who write you for the first time to prove that they are not robots.


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Protected domains


Protected email addresses


Emails processed on average per month


Tailored pricing plans designed for you

We create custom plans based on your needs. Contact us!

Included in all plans

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Content-Filtering
  • Mail Sender Authentication
  • Events notification
  • Backup access for users
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2,99 € / month
  • 6 000 emails / month*
  • 7 days backup lifetime
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9,99 € / month
  • 20 000 emails / month*
  • 15 days backup lifetime
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19,99 € / month
  • 50 000 emails / month*
  • 30 days backup lifetime
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39,99 € / month
  • 200 000 emails / month*
  • 30 days backup lifetime

* When quota is reached, you can choose one of the following options:
- emails will still being delivered to your SMTP server, but without any protection
- emails will still being delivered but you will be charged for 0,001 € / additional email (example: 20 euros for 20 000 additional emails)

Challenge - Optional

When a sender writes to one of your users for the first time, he automatically receives an email containing a link, called Challenge.
After clicking on this link, the sender will have to prove that he is human. If he succeeds, the email is delivered to the recipient.
If no action is done by the sender, email stays in the queue (can be unblocked manually) for few days, before being deleted.
Next time (in case of success), sender won't have to do anything, email will be delivered right to the recipient mailbox.

1€ / month / user with option enabled

(can be enabled/disabled user by user at any time)


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