Email filtering gateway
as a Service

Compatible with all SMTP solutions (self-hosted or managed by third-party)

No matter if you have your own SMTP server (Postfix, Sendmail, Exchange, etc.),
or if you use hosted SMTP service like G Suite (Google), Outlook365 (Microsoft), OVH, Gandi, 1&1...
our solution is compatible with all SMTP servers and can protect all your incoming emails.

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Virus, trojan, ransomware, no more worry about files received by email thanks to our cloud-based signatures.

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No more unwanted emails, you can filter spam, mass-mailings... Real-time updates & detections.

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Your users will be safe, emails containing phishing links will be blocked (we compare email design with well-known websites).

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You'll be able to choose the files you allow/deny by format (for example, reject emails with EXE attachments).

Powerful features and easy of use

Designed for easy integration with any mail systems, our solution delivers the security, flexibility and ease of management that businesses and ISPs demand. By including anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-phishing and content filtering – in one easy-to-manage solution that includes cloud-assisted technologies, we offer enhanced protection.

Effective anti-malware engine including targeted attacks prevention

Our solution achieves high detection rates and faster scanning, achieve rapid, accurate detection of malicious email attachments including unknown and advanced malware used in targeted attacks.

Multi-layered anti-malware capabilities

Advanced antivirus engine – cloud-assisted

Our solution includes an award-winning anti-malware engine. Furthermore, it receives real-time information from a cloud-based provider – so you benefit from an antivirus solution that delivers even better performance in detecting and removing malicious attachments from incoming emails including exploits, unknown and advanced malware.

Web malicious URL filter – cloud-assisted

With real-time updates from the cloud, malicious URL filter blocks emails that include links to infected sites or malicious files.

Anti-spam and content filtering

Anti-spam engine

Our anti-spam engine includes two powerful technologies:

Enforced Anti-Spam Updates Service (EASUS) – which uses push technology, directly from our cloud-based provider, to deliver real-time updates. By reducing the 'update window' from 20 minutes to less than 1 minute, EASUS helps to protect against Zero-Hour spam and spam epidemics.

Cloud-assisted Reputation Filtering – can 'rate' suspicious emails, place them in quarantine and then recheck them when updated information becomes available. This helps to defend you against unknown spam – while also reducing the number of false positives.

Cloud-assisted anti-phishing

The new anti-phishing module receives real-time updates from our cloud-based provider – for more effective detection and blocking of emails that contain links to phishing websites.

Mass mail detection

You can easily set policies to block unwanted mass mail from reaching your end users.



~ No configuration change on your SMTP server or the one of your provider.
~ No configuration change on users side.
~ No maintenance on your side, we take care of everything (high availability, upgrade, etc.).


~ Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing protection, without raising the load of your infrastructure or the one of your provider.
~ Content-Filtering feature, to filter attachments based on their type and/or extension.


~ For each domain, you can define options of each modules (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, etc.).
~ Access to backup with possibility to get backuped messages.


~ In case of unavailability of your SMTP server or the one of your provider, your emails are stored in security on our infrastructure, and delivred as soon as SMTP is back online.

What our customers say

Real comments, received from real customers.

Sébastien Lemarinel
System & Network Manager
TRACE group, France

Facing daily threats received by email (spam, phishing, ransomware...) and potential hours that can be lost in restoring data. The solution provided by Clean Mailbox makes it possible to block all the attacks upstream and to prevent the potential dangers of certain unwanted emails.

Sylvain Benitez
VIMS SAS, France

Email has become a central tool of running a business. However, by its nature, it is difficult to be protected against threats of which it is the vector. Thanks to the filtering solution provided by Clean Mailbox, the mailboxes of the company are now free of all unwanted emails.

Julien Recurt
System & Network Administrator
ServMe, France

With a simple and effective use, it allowed me to eliminate all the messages that pollute the mailboxes of my users.




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Protected email addresses


Home page

Home page

Domain overview

Domain overview

Anti-Virus settings

Anti-Virus settings

Anti-Spam settings

Anti-Spam settings

Anti-Phishing settings

Anti-Phishing settings

Content-Filtering settings

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Notifications / Web-Hook

Notifications / Web-Hook

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We can also do custom plans based on your needs.

Included in all plans

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Content-Filtering
  • Events notification
  • Backup access for users


2,99 1 € / month

  • 6 000 emails / month*
  • 7 days backup lifetime


9,99 5€ / month

  • 20 000 emails / month*
  • 15 days backup lifetime


19,99 10 € / month

  • 50 000 emails / month*
  • 30 days backup lifetime


39,99 20 € / month

  • 200 000 emails / month*
  • 30 days backup lifetime

* When quota is reached, you can choose one of the following options:
- emails will still being delivered to your SMTP server, but without any protection
- emails will still being delivered but you will be charged for 0,0006€ / additional email (example: 12 euros for 20 000 additional emails)